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My article on

Posted: February 3, 2015

  Here’s an article I wrote for UK-based web site, which was published on the weekend of the UK round of the Cyclo Cross World Cup.

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Play Mistley for me

Posted: November 27, 2014

My Eastern League adventures continue, with some more typical cyclocross conditions adding to the excitement. Last weekend’s race at Mistley in Essex was one of the most technical on the calendar, with a wooded hillside providing the setting for one of the few local races that is probably better tackled on a mountain bike. The […]

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Mud, please…

Posted: October 29, 2014

The weather seems finally to have turned in our part of the world. File treads and short sleeves are gradually being replaced by mud tyres and arm-warmers, although the real ‘cross weather is yet to come. I’ve had a taste of what’s in store on my local training rides. In the space of a rainy […]

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The Season Begins (again)

Posted: September 25, 2014

Thanks to Neil Ellison for the photograph I’ve had a lot of fun these past few weeks, getting the ‘cross bikes set up and out on the trails. The pre-season prep included a great 3 day “Cross Camp” spent with my Hackney GT teammates and my brand new Major Jake, riding hard and hanging out […]

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Broome Heath Scramble

Posted: December 15, 2013

I’ve covered a lot of miles in pursuit of cyclocross over recent weeks, and Sunday saw the longest drive yet – a five hour round trip to take part in the aptly-named Broome Heath Scramble near Bungay in North Suffolk. This was race 12 of 14 in the Elmy Cycles Eastern Cyclocross League, and one […]

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Weekend Double ‘Cross

Posted: December 2, 2013

It was a double-header last weekend, with an eastern League race at Grafham on Saturday and a London League event at Penshurst on Sunday. I’m feeling pretty tired right now, but I’m glad I made the effort and pleased with my results… Saturday was almost a washout, as I arrived 10 minutes after guaranteed sign-on […]

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Major News

Posted: December 2, 2013

A recent Kona blog post. More soon…  18/11/13 I’m happy to report that my 2014 Major Jake has now arrived and is currently awaiting it’s first proper ride. I’ll give it a write-up soon, once I’ve got some mud on the tyres. Meanwhile, here’s a photo. Good looking, no? Team colours too…  

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Hackney gt popup

Pop-Up Coming Up

Posted: November 7, 2013

Between 19th and 24th November I’ll be exhibiting some prints and paintings at the Hackney GT pop-up shop in Morning Lane, E9. Also exhibiting will be photgrapher Geoff Waugh and Illustrators Simon Pemberton and Eliza Southwood. Photo:   Race report 03/11/13 Stroud: Not my usual territory for this one, but I got family clearance for […]

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Matthew Webber - Winner

A Trip to the Palace

Posted: October 30, 2013

I‘ve been having a lot of fun with the cyclocross so far this season. The bikes have been behaving, the legs have been in reasonable shape and the weather has remained the right side of awful, with just enough mud to keep me on my toes. Apart from the first race, I’ve been on the […]

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Race Reports

Posted: October 20, 2013

A brief rundown of recent races: Hillyfields: A homecoming of sorts, this race took place in the grounds of my former art college in Colchester. It’s been 20 years and I had hoped for a triumphant return, but Ross Tricker got away early and, although I was 2nd for most of the race, an in-form […]

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Bike logos - Kona - Hackney GT, Team 9bar, Push

Cyclocross Results: 2013/14

15/12/13 Eastern League R12, Broome Heath 1st
08/12/13 South East Regional Championships, Ipswich 4th
01/12/13 London League R10, Penshurst 3rd
30/11/13 Eastern League R11, Grafham 2nd
23/11/13 Eastern League R10, Redgrave 2nd
03/11/13 Western League R6, Stroud 2nd
27/10/13 Rapha Supercross, Alexandra Palace 1st
20/10/13 Eastern League R7, Davy Down 3rd
13/10/13 Eastern League R6, Colchester 3rd
05/10/13 Eastern League R5, Welwyn 2nd
29/09/13 Eastern League R4, Hog Hill 1st
28/09/13 London & SE League R4, Hog Hill 2nd
15/09/13 Eastern League R2, Chelmsford 3rd
08/09/13 Eastern League R1, Basildon 5th

08/07/13 London Cyclocross Summer Series R1, Bethlem Royal Hospital: 1st
15/07/13 London Cyclocross Summer Series R2, Bethlem Royal Hospital: 1st
22/07/13 London Cyclocross Summer Series R3, Bethlem Royal Hospital: 1st*
12/08/13 London Cyclocross Summer Series R4, Bethlem Royal Hospital: 2nd

*Grass criterium round!

MTB Results: 2013

Beastway R3, Masters: 1st
Beastway R4, Masters: 1st
Beastway R5, Masters: 2nd
Beastway R6, Masters: 2nd
Beastway R7, Masters: 2nd
Beastway R8, Masters: 1st
Beastway 2013 Series Win, Masters Category 

Gorrick Spring Series R1, Masters category: 3rd
Gorrick Spring Series R2, Masters category: 2nd
Gorrick Spring Series R3, Masters category: 1st
Gorrick Spring Series R4, Masters category: 2nd

Central League Cyclocross Champion 2012/2013
London & South East League Champion 2011/2012

Current UK Ranking

Cyclocross Results 2012/2013

20/01/13 London League R13, Wilmington; 1st overall, Report
19/01/13 Eastern League R14, Bury St Edmunds; 1st overall, Report
13/01/13 National Cyclo Cross Chamionships, Peel Park, Bradford; 25th
06/01/13 Central League R10, Culham Park; 1st overall, Report
22/12/12 Vicious Velo Double Cross, Herne Hill; 3rd
16/12/12 Central League R9, Hillingdon; 1st overall Report
09/12/12 East & South East Regional Championships; 3rd
02/12/12 Central League R8, Didcot; 2nd
18/11/12 Central League R7, Bedfford; 2nd
18/11/12 Central League R6, Luton; 2nd
10/11/12 Elmy Cycles Eastern League R9, Grafham Water, Cambs, 3rd
04/11/12 Wessex League R8, Oxford Brooks University, Oxon, 6th
28/10/12 Rapha Super Cross R3 (Elite), Alexandra Palace, London, 21st
27/10/12 Rapha Super Cross R2 (Elite), Misterton, Leics, 23rd
20/10/12 Rapha Super Cross R1 (Elite), Skipton, Yorkshire, 26th
14/10/12 Central League R3, Hemel Hempstead, 2nd
07/10/12 Welsh League R4, Brecon, 3rd
30/09/12 Central League R1, Hillingdon; 2nd
23/09/12 London League R2, Hog Hill; 11th
22/09/12 Elmy Cycles Eastern League R3, Hog Hill; 1st overall BC Report
19/09/12 South London Late Summer Cyclocross League R4, Herne Hill; 1st overall Report
16/09/12 London League R1, Fowlmead; 10th (Punctured)
12/09/12 South London Late Summer Cyclocross League R3, Bethlem Royal ; 1st overall Report
09/09/12 Elmy Cycles Eastern League R1, Basildon; 1st overall BC Report
05/09/12 South London Late Summer Cyclocross League R2, Herne Hill; 1st overall Report