MTB – Spring Series Sprung

Round four of the Gorrick Spring Series finally seemed to be living up to its name, as the sun beamed down on Frith Hill at the weekend, giving everyone a taste of what we all hope is to come over the next few months.

The fantastic course was bone dry and super-fast, although my bike was not playing the game, rattling in and out of gear, seemingly at random. One day I’ll learn that what works in the driveway at 5 miles an hour doesn’t always keep working when you are shifting at full throttle. Hope integrated single-ring, here we come.

Former Masters category series leader Kim Little went hard from the start and I couldn’t match his pace, but I knew that I only had to finish in the top 10 to win the series, so I concentrated on tree-avoidance and some careful shifting. I’d even packed a tool kit, in case of mechanical issues on the trail, something I don’t normally do, but something which seemed like it might come in handy today…

But the bike rattled on and all I had to do was put in the extra legwork required to climb in the big ring! I managed to keep things moving all the way to the finish line and crossed it in second place, a long way behind the winner, but far enough ahead of everyone else to win the series trophy as well as a Saddle Skedaddle cycling holiday. Bonus.

Thanks to Gorrick for another great series, despite the tough conditions. Check out their website for forthcoming races, which are always worth a try, whatever your biking abilities.

Thanks also to Hackney GT, Push Cycles and 9bar.